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Life in the Emirates

Music and Lyrics by Patrick Terence Brady and Michael Kiely.

This song, in English, is a warm tribute to life in the United Arab Emirates. The song was written and recorded in 1979 by two Irish men Patrick Terence Brady and Michael Kiely and was immediately a popular hit. It has been played many, many times by Capitol Radio in Abu Dhabi and by Radio in Dubai and been sung in numerous hotels throughout the U.A.E.. The song is the most famous song in English about this country.

Life in the Emirates CD Cover

"LIFE IN THE EMIRATES" is a sincere yet light hearted song of praise to this wonderful country. The words speak for themselves.

"Ahlan Wa Marhaba" to "Life in the Emirates"
Dubai, Ras Al Khaimah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman.
They’re the places I love and the places I won’t forget
Sharjah, Fujeirah and Um Al Qwuain"

"And I know I’ll fell sorry when it’s time to depart"
"The friends I have made here will be my friends forever"

"Life in the Emirates" has been played widely on radio outside the U.A.E., especially in Bahrain, but also on BBC Radio One in the U.K. and on RTE Radio in Ireland.

Many people who once worked in the U.A.E. have brought home to their native country a tape or record of this great song. It is the perfect souvenir of their time spent in the United Arab Emirates.

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