Patrick in Show

Patrick Brady's entertainment career has seen him evolve into a seasoned master of the many facets of live performance. Whether he is singing a spotlight feature song at an international diplomatic function or wandering around with a guitar, lifting the spirits of pre-dinner cocktail guests, Patrick has the tricks up his sleeve to ensure entertainment success. He adapts to any kind of audience and any style of event – from a five-star black tie corporate affair to a casual sing-along party celebration.

Patrick Brady can work solo, with a dance troupe, a band or as part of a multi-performer extravaganza. His repertoire is extensive – and he can even customize his show by learning a song especially for the event - or even writing one!

When booking entertainers, it is important to consider their ability to work in harmony with event producers and how they adapt to the flow of the overall production. Experience is essential, and when combined with a positive, easy-going personality, running the event is a breeze. Patrick loves his work and loves to play his part in creating a successful event.